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Why Allocate? Because YOU CAN CHOOSE!


Allocate gives you the professional image you’ve always imagined. We are not your ordinary service. With us, your clients will never know that they are speaking to an answering service. Fill out a short survey that tells us what we need to know about your business. When your clients call, we will answer using a script that you approve. We will answer simple questions about your company on your behalf and can set up follow up appointment calls so they can speak with you at a scheduled time of your convenience. You can screen who you want to call back after reviewing our detailed messages sent via text or email.




Allocate will still give you that professional image but we will act solely as your Answering Service. That means that your callers will be notified that we are an answering service. We will take all incoming calls in the same professional but friendly manner that has come to be our signature.

Say NO TO:

  1. Excessive Prices!

  2. Per Minute Charges!

  3. Hidden Fees!

  4. Bad Attitudes!

  5. Unprofessional demeanor!

Say YES TO: 

1. Reasonable and Fair Prices

  • Allocate ensures that we give continuous quality service while working within our clients budget. Our goal is your continued growth and success.

2. Set Monthly Fees and/or Per Call choices

  • The CHOICE is yours, you can choose to pay the same amount monthly no matter how many calls you have incoming. AMAZING! We know! OR you can choose to pay per call. That means that no matter how short or long our staff needs to stay on the phone taking your calls you will wont be charged any more or any less….we love it…our clients love it…so will you.

3. Pay what you expect

  • Of course you will have to pay the usual taxes but we don’t make up extra fees and surcharges to fit our needs. You pay only what you agree to pay and what the government requires. Its that simple.

4. The Unseen Smile can still be heard

  • We believe in the unseen smile. We teach our representatives to smile each and every time they answer the phone. Attitude makes all the difference!

5. Professional Demeanor with a personal touch

  • We have a job to do and we do it right. We remain professional by correctly and efficiently receiving and giving information on our clients behalf while giving your client the same personal touch that you give whenever you speak to your clients.