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 Where are you located?
Are your telephone agents fully trained?
Benefit to you?

Customer service is of the upmost importance at Allocate. Our telephone agents are fully trained in effective customer service techniques. How? Each agent receives 1 on 1 in house training by Senior Staff members that focuses on superior customer service, HIPPA laws and regulations as well as the Privacy Act. At the end of training, and throughout employment, agents receive “test callers” these are calls that evaluate how the agent handles calls in various situations. 

Absolutely! Our employees are happy! We maintain our professionalism but our happiness is contagious and our smiles can be heard through the phone! We seek out employees who see working from home as a personal advantage.

So your customers will love us and….

It is a proven fact that happy employees mean a decrease in employee turnover! That means you and your representative will have a nice long relationship with each other!